Taxes support our public schools, allow for repairs to our roads and bridges, provide emergency response systems that keep us safe and so much more. We need taxes, but we also need to make sure our tax system is fair and not putting an unnecessary burden on working class Mainers striving to get ahead or on seniors struggling to remain in their homes.

This year, we increased funding for the Earned Income Tax Credit, a credit that puts money in the pockets of low-income workers. Our bipartisan state budget increased the Homestead Exemption and expanded the Property Tax Fairness Credit, two programs that help homeowners and renters keep their housing costs in check. The budget also increased state revenue sharing, sending more money to our communities to offset the cost of things like plowing, paving and public safety.

There’s more to be done to make sure our tax system works for everyone, but these are huge steps forward.

Mainers should be able to take home a living wage without fear of being taxed out of their homes
rep. Tiffany Roberts

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