With the first regular session of the 129th Legislature behind us, I am glad to report that we made huge progress for Mainers. We passed a strong bipartisan budget that prioritizes education, putting millions more into our public schools and ensuring our teachers are paid at least $40,000 annually. Importantly, our budget also provided much needed property tax relief because the last thing working families need is an ever-growing tax bill.

I was proud to vote this session for new laws that keep Maine on pace with our changing world. We instituted paid time off to give Maine workers the benefits they deserve. We made prescription drugs more affordable and accessible. We increased our renewable energy goals with the intention of creating jobs, lowering energy rates and combating climate change. And we strengthened laws around internet privacy, consumer protections and more.

There are of course places where we need to continue our work. We need to expand broadband access, especially in our rural communities. We need to invest in our workforce to support our economy. And we need to prioritize conserving Maine’s land and working waterfront. The House Democrats and I supported bonds this session to address these issues, but a group of lawmakers blocked sending those to voters.

During the Legislature’s second session, we will review more than 650 measures covering a wide variety of topics. Last year, we passed bills to expand health care coverage, reign in the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs, address climate change, lift working families, support our schools, improve broadband access and provide meaningful property tax relief. We will continue our work on those issues and more in the coming months.

In all our work, we are committed to working with our colleagues of all political parties to move Maine forward. Please feel welcome to contact us with your questions, concerns and ideas, or if you want to discuss or testify on any legislation.


Click here to see all bills, joint resolutions and orders I sponsored or cosponsored this session, as well as legislative sentiments that honor and recognize people from our district and throughout the state.

Committee Work

As a member of the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee, I have stood up for the protection of public land and the preservation of Maine farms. I have also collaborated with members of my committee to ensure that Maine’s woods are protected from aerial pesticide spraying.

Brief description of the subject matter handled by the committee: Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources; agricultural fairs, products and marketing; animal control and welfare; food safety, inspection and labeling; dairy industry; pesticides regulation; nutrient management; farmland preservation; Department of Conservation; state parks, historic sites, public lands, submerged lands and coastal islands registry; Maine Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC); geological surveying and mapping; forest management, marketing, utilization, health and fire control; the Land for Maine’s Future Program; and Baxter State Park.

I was proud to vote this session for new laws that keep Maine on pace with our changing world.
Rep. tiffany roberts

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