Independent Repairers AND Automakers Support
LD 1911 – Majority Report

On behalf of our three associations – which represent thousands of collision and mechanical repair professionals in all 50 states, as well as the vast majority of automakers selling vehicles in the U.S. – we write in strong support of the Majority Report on LD 1911, as voted on by the IDEA Committee by a 12-1 margin.

The Majority Report holds true to the most important and fundamental principle of the ballot question – that consumers should be able to have their vehicles serviced in well-equipped shops, by well-trained technicians, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

LD 1911 guarantees this access. This is the question voters were asked in the voting booth, and this is the principle they endorsed with their vote—a principle that we fully support.
What voters could not read when voting were the provisions of the ballot question that stretched far beyond what is needed to diagnose and repair a vehicle, including:

  • A dangerous requirement that all vehicles be installed with equipment that the federal government’s top roadway safety regulator said a malicious actor here or abroad could use to, “open access to remotely command vehicles to operate dangerously, including attacking multiple vehicles concurrently.”
  • The elimination of automaker cybersecurity protections currently found on vehicles, which were to be replaced by rules created instead by an independent board appointed by the Attorney General to manage all vehicle cybersecurity protections and the remote, bidirectional access to all vehicles on the road – including heavy-duty vehicles up to 80,000 lbs. that travel state roads. This placed all the liability exposure around this remote data sharing on the State and independent repairers.

LD 1911 fixes these problems. It delivers exactly what the people voted for – ensuring that repair businesses have access to the information needed to properly diagnose and repair a vehicle.

National Repair Agreement
This past summer, our organizations joined to announce a major agreement around access to repair information. This commitment ensures that competition remains across the repair industry, by guaranteeing consumers a range of service options for their vehicles well into the future, including family-owned local businesses, independent repairers in OEM certified networks, national service chains, or authorized dealers. It also guarantees the country’s small and independent auto repairers continued unrestricted access to the various tools, information, and data needed to repair vehicles.

This commitment was created with our mutual and valued customers in mind: vehicle owners. It affirms that consumers deserve access to safe and proper repairs throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle.

The Majority Report on LD 1911 stays true to these principles and we, therefore, offer our strong support.

About Automotive Service Association (ASA)

ASA is the largest and oldest national organization committed to protecting the automotive repair industry with ONE VOICE. Our members own and operate automotive mechanical and collision repair facilities responsible for the majority of all, post-warranty, repair services in the United States. ASA advocates for the interests of its members and their customers in Washington, D.C. The education, resources, and services ASA provides empowers its members in all 50 states to remain trusted stewards of mobility in their communities. Additional information about ASA is available on the ASA website.

About the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)

Through our direct members and affiliate associations, SCRS proudly represents over 6,000 collision repair businesses and 58,500 specialized professionals who work to repair collision-damaged vehicles. Since 1982, SCRS has served as the largest national trade association solely dedicated to the hardworking collision repair facilities across North America. Since its formation, SCRS has provided repairers with an audible voice, and an extensive grassroots network of industry professionals who strive to better our trade. Additional information about SCRS including other news releases is available at the SCRS website.

About the Alliance for Automotive Innovation

From the manufacturers producing most vehicles sold in the U.S., to autonomous vehicle innovators, to equipment suppliers, battery producers, and semiconductor makers – the Alliance for Automotive Innovation represents the full auto industry, a sector supporting 10 million American jobs and five percent of the overall economy. Active in Washington, D.C. and all 50 states, the association is committed to a cleaner, safer, and smarter personal transportation future.

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