Feb. 12 — To the Editor:

North and South Berwick are lucky to be home to top notch educational facilities. Both Noble and Marshwood schools are working hard to prepare students in our community to enter the workforce. Last year, the bipartisan budget that I supported brought over $1.25 million in additional school funding to North and South Berwick. From extracurricular programming to new teacher positions and art education, these additional resources will make a tremendous impact in our two school districts. Ultimately, this funding will ensure that this tradition of excellence continues in our community.

We are also extremely lucky that our high quality educational programming is not limited to our school system. For example, North Berwick is home to the Continuum Arts Collective. Last week I chatted with Martin and Jen England about this non-profit, volunteer driven organization. This group supports underserved, school-aged artists and musicians in Maine by providing students with musical instruments, art supplies, art and music lessons and experiential opportunities to perform music, read poetry and display their artwork in public forums.

Recent studies have shown that arts education supports students in multiple ways. This includes improving their social, academic and emotional outcomes. Exposure to the arts has also been linked to increases in students’ engagement and college aspirations. We’re lucky to have organizations like the Continuum Arts Collective making sure that this transformational subject matter is available for as many students as possible.

As your voice in Augusta, I will continue to advocate for expanding educational programming. Whether we are increasing funding for our state’s school systems or promoting non-profit partners in our community, investing in our students and children is one of the best financial moves that we can make. Our students are the future of our state and society. They deserve every dollar we can give them.

Rep. Tiffany Roberts

South Berwick, Maine

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